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A Comprehensive Ayurvedic Product Selection

Ayurveda is really the “Science of Life”, a holistic system of preventive medicine and health care that was developed in India over 500 years ago. There are several aspects to this art of healing that including herbs, wellness and curative treatments, nutrition, life-style counselling, healing music, vastu (living space adjustments), meditation and yoga - the sister science of Ayurveda.

The main focus of this science is balance. It is based on the universal law of balancing the five elements of that are present in the human body as “doshas” or bodily humors i.e Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It co-ordinates the functioning of the body with the same cosmic rules present in the universe.

Ayurvedic products correspond to the belief of creating the right balance in the doshas. It employs a systematic approach of treatment that often includes a change of diet, cleansing or detox, massages and home remedies. To do this it uses pure, safe and natural products in the form of spices, food supplements, oils, teas, clothing, creams and even books and music. 

Enjoy the diversity of Ayurveda with our wide selection of products, an array of that caters for daily use to sheer indulgence. If it is something Ayurvedic then look no further as we have it covered. Enjoy your buy today!